UI UX Designer / Developer

I have worked with Ahmad for over four years on various web development, SEM, and SEO projects. He has strong web design fundamentals. I have watched him work his magic with CSS in Dreamweaver, develop original graphics with SVG or pixel arts in Firework and Photoshop. He made sure his products work on as many user platforms as possible, from transitioning smoothly between desktop and mobile, to handling intricate differences in browser behaviors. He picks up new technologies quickly. He had gone from having basic knowledge of Javascript to creating complex web apps using whichever frontend framework the work demanded, including jQuery and Bootstrap. He also fully adopted our git workflow so his work and backend engineers’ work share the same version history. He is a hard worker. He never sweated about overtime or working on the weekend when there is a project deadline. Last but not least, he is a fun person to be around. He is a master foosball player and bowler, and a great cook of Biryani.

Francis Wang, Director: Audience Media