Research, Interaction Design, Prototype, Visual Design

Your Complete end-to-end Audition and Casting Solution.

My Role:

Lead Designer

Primary Responsibilities:

Research, Interacting Prototype, Responsive Web Design , Design Banners. Mock up Prototype, Design Landing Pages for Marketing, Agile Environment.

Tools Used:

Jira, Slack, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks


1 Researcher, 1 Email Marketing, 1 Social Media Campaigns,


Dec 2020   –   January 2024



I studied the customer usage data from Google Analytics quite thoroughly to gain important user insights. This information was subsequently used to plan and implement changes to the website design and functionality.

I also reached out to our content writing and marketing teams to share my findings and also to tap into their knowledge of the matter to further enhance my own insight into customer behavior and customer acquisition..


My challenge was to create brand-new media content  with customized features and functions from scratch as there were no prior versions of this work.

I was able to conduct thorough research AND create a full website prototype under a significant time constraint.

Design – Code

Once my design was completed and approved then I sliced up all the images and content using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Fireworks and create svg icons and hand over all the designs files/assets to Developers using Jira.

While writing codes, each change to code is tested/checked on a variety of small & big screens for responsive design. Keeping in mind the currently popular mobile shopping trends.


I presented my work to executives in weekly meeting, which was much appreciated by them and was quite valuable to me in terms of their feedback.

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