Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Code

Empowering Channels to Distribute Media Directly to Audiences.

My Role:

UI UX Designer

Primary Responsibilities:

WordPress (Updating, Editing, Blogs Customization), Designed / Developed around 20 Web Sites (WordPress and hand coding), Designed Logos, Responsive Web Designing, Conversion of Mocks, Designed / Developed Landing Pages & Banners for Marketing, Email Newsletters (Designed / Developed), Search Engine Friendly Mocks Designing, Worked with backend Developers using GIT and SVN, QA Tester, Agile Environment.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, SQL

Tools Used:

Jira, Slack, Git, SVN, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Amazon Server


2 Email Marketing, 1 Social Media Campaigns, 4 Data Scientist


January 2011   –   January 2016



I have worked with Audience Media for 6 years and have designed / developed many websites, banners and landing pages over that time period. Each project required many hours of extensive research.

This also required working closely with the marketing team to help me understand their goals and time-lines.

My primary goal has always been to complete each project as quickly as possible and to expedite SEO work.


My challenges were to create brand-new media content with specialized features and functional content. I worked closely with the content writer to keep abreast of frequently content changes.

Together we created more than 8 content based websites. We chose WordPress for its facility to rapidly publish all the content simultaneously.

Design – Code

I used Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks for design and Adobe Dreamweaver for coding.

With multiple concurrent active projects, a great deal of multi-tasking was required on my part to ensure completion and launching each project in a timely fashion.


My ongoing work was presented weekly to my team at staff meetings, where I was given both critique, praise and updates for any changes to the overall project goal.

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